About Us

About Us

Welcome to REO-Crete Designs, We are a decorative concrete and epoxy coating company that specializes in engineered polymer-based concrete and epoxy resurfacing systems. We are located in Johnstown, Pa, and offer both residential and commercial applications. Our materials are durable and engineered to last a very long time with easy maintenance. REO-Crete Designs was founded in 2009 by Ronald Orris. Ron saw a need for this type of service in this area and wanted to give customers the options that were being offered in other areas of the region. So, he decided to get the specialized training and certifications that are required to apply these durable overlay systems correctly, to give your resurfacing project that luxurious look and wow factor that everybody will talk about. If you have old concrete that needs to be updated with color, texture, and a fresh new design, give us a call to get your free project estimate today.

Our decorative concrete overlays are all polymer-based concrete and are 10 times stronger than conventional concrete per square inch. We offer several different decorative concrete applications which all give a different look and texture.

The Sleek Bond Coat Application

This is a quick and simple solution to update your old concrete. It consists of two coats of engineered polymer-based concrete, colored with your choice of colors, followed by two coats of our ultra-durable sealer. The total thickness of this application is around 1/8 of an inch. This application has no added design or texture but still gives your old concrete a fresh, new, colorful appearance that you will enjoy for years to come.

The Slate Trowel Down Application:

This application consists of two coats of color, engineered polymer-based concrete, followed by a third coat which is hand-troweled down to create a slate-like texture which is combined with a design that you choose, or we can create for you. The thickness of this application is around 3/16 to 1/4 of an inch. This application gives that slate/stone-like texture to your plain concrete, which can also be color enhanced with a color antiquing agent that adds added protection and natural stone color variations in addition to the base colors that you choose. We then apply two coats of our ultra-durable sealer which protects your new concrete and brings out those brilliant colors.