DECORATIVE CONCRETE Floors in Johnstown Pennsylvania


The thin stamped overlay

The thin-stamped overlay is a stamped stone design that highlights the true definition and color of real stone. This option consists of two colored coats of engineered polymer -based concrete, followed by a third coat which is around ¼” in thickness.

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Slate Trowel Down

This application consists of two coats of colored, engineered polymer-based concrete, followed by a third coat which is hand troweled down to create a slate like texture which is combined with a design that you choose, or we can create for you.

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spray texture

This application starts by applying two coats of our colored, engineered polymer-based concrete. When the second coat of engineered polymer-based concrete dries, we apply a design stencil such as running bond brick, ashlar slate, cobblestone, etc.

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Expert Epoxy Flooring Services in Johnstown Pennsylvania


REO-Crete Designs, not only offers our engineered polymer-based concrete as a flooring option. We also install custom seamless epoxy flooring systems. These epoxy flooring systems are extremely durable, and impact resistant. They are tough enough to withstand chemical spills, and constant traffic of commercial spaces such as beauty salons, gyms, car dealers or retail areas but can also be installed in residential settings such as basements, game rooms, living rooms and more. In fact, these epoxy flooring systems are so durable, they can even be used in industrial buildings and airport hangers. We have an epoxy solution for any interior setting.

Our Best Services!

Our Vision, Our Best Service! From design to installation and decorative concrete surface, we strive for excellence.

Concrete contractors Johnstown PA

From the preliminary call to the planning and execution of the project, Reo-Crete Designs Johnstown, PA has dedicatedly served its customers in all areas of decorative concrete. We are the top leading concrete installers and contractors in Beccaria, Pennsylvania. Our competent team of contractors has delivered quality work by exhibiting their professional expertise in home remodeling and renovation services.

Reo-Crete Designs Johnstown, PA contractors comprise a team of professional contractors, builders, and manufacturers who have more than ten years of experience in providing outstanding concrete services for both residential and commercial projects. Highly competent individuals work with passion, providing top-notch quality concrete services for their valued customers.

Residential Concrete Floors Johnstown PA

Wouldn’t you cherish seeing a lovely delicate home with aesthetic beauty that gives a vibrant look to your home? You can opt for the best home remodeling services by concrete contractors in Johnstown. Reo-Crete Designs offers the best concrete services for residential concrete floors. . As full-service concrete contractors, we possess the skills and experience to build and refurbish your home by creating splendid residential concrete floors. Our design preferences for residential concrete floors are unique and extraordinary.

Concrete floor solutions Johnstown PA

The renovation projects of Reo-Crete Designs are superb. We plan to redecorate your home by inviting our loyal customers to look at the creative designs used for floor renovation. While redesigning each room, we give an aesthetic decorative touch to the floors by adding a pattern or texture to your concrete floor solution. We also carry out concrete repairs by using real stone and veneer stone.

We employ traditional craftsmanship and give artisanal look to concrete floor solutions outside your residence. One of our cost-effective methods is embellishing your sidewalk, driveway, parking spaces, and green areas with decorative stones. We use hybrid high-performance flake systems for floor coatings that are chemical resistant, and earthy friendly. Metallic epoxy coatings are also used by Reo-Crete Designs experts that give a vibrant look to concrete floors.

Commercial kitchen floors in Johnstown PA

If you desire to redecorate your kitchen area with a modern lifestyle design, you can choose stylish commercial kitchen floor services by concrete contractors in Johnstown. Reo-Crete Design flooring will inspire your imagination. Elegant flooring services by Reo-Crete Designs provide mesmerizing patterns and colors that will give a fresh new look to your kitchen that you will relish.

Reo-Crete Design aims to make easy installations for commercial kitchen floors. We employ remarkable masonry and concrete services for the installation and repair of commercial kitchen floors. If you desire to create attractive decorative commercial kitchen floors for your home or business, you can consider the exceptional services of Reo-Crete Designs in Johnstown, PA.